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No TV/Broadband

On Friday evening my broadband stopped working, followed by my TV.  On Saturday morning it worked OK, but on Saturday afternoon it stopped again. The first time I called the agent was very helpful, and she indicated it was my fault as I hadn't rebooted the Tivo.  It seems VM are saying this to other customers posting on this site, and it is absolutely rubbish!  It is NOT your fault at all so don't feel guilty.   I rebooted the box and the picture came back on for an hour, after that the screen went blank once again ad we were left with no pictures on any channel, nor any broadband.  When I called for a second time the agent was unhelpful and had absolutely no idea what the problem was, all she could do was book an engineer to come to my house, even though the fault was not mine.  This appointment was subsequently cancelled.

Yesterday (Monday) the broadband and TV picture pixilated and went off again - all VM could say this time was 'sorry', and it wasn't exactly heartfelt. I was told the problem would definitely be fixed very soon, but I had no picture on any channel for the evening.

What annoys me more than anything is VM saying that this problem was my fault caused by not rebooting my Tivo box, when it clearly was not.  The last agent I spoke to said it was a cable problem and although VM thought they'd fixed it, obviously they hadn't and were working on it last night.  At least there was one agent manning the phones who could tell the truth, what a refreshing change but three days too late!

A huge disappointment - obviously time to switch!

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Re: No TV/Broadband

Always worth a look at the VM website for your area to ascertain if the problem is outside your equipment before you ring in.

To be fair to the agent rebooting can cure a lot of Tivo issues but that certainly doesn't make it your fault.

I personally wish VM would bite the bullet and bring their service centres back to the uk. Their customer ratings would go through the roof!!
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Re: No TV/Broadband

Hi katel,


Welcome to the community Smiley Happy


I'm sorry to hear that you've experienced multiple disruptions to the TV and Broadband services recently, it's not great to hear that you've had a poor experience in getting the issue resolved.  


I just wanted to pop by and see how things are today with the services?  I'm here to help if you need me for anything, let mek now if all is working ok or if further assistance is required and I'll be happy to help out.


I look forward to hearing from you. Smiley Happy

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