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No Access to On Demand boxing

So this weekend i struggled from Friday night until Saturday night to order the on demand Boxing. I was put though to several people in customer services and even a supervisor. Unbelievably they came back saying it was a technical glitch and would be resolved by 19.05pm. This did not happen. A technician then phones me about 5 minutes after the ding dong with customer services telling me that someone had put a restriction on my on demand services over a year ago ( not me i hasten to add).So customer services couldn't even work that one out GREAT !!!! He then proceeds to fix that issue and reboots my service. The Boxing on  demand is STILL not available and he says there is a technical issue but will be sorted by 19.05pm. Guess what it didn't happen !!!!

So i have been house bound for a while now and this is my only source of entertainment. I don't go out as i cannot afford it so i really was looking forward to the boxing. Thanks Virginmedia you totally ruined it for me and guess what i woke up Sunday with a blinding headache due to being so stressed. THANKYOU i am looking for a better deal and a much better service provider and to think i have been with you for nearly 10 years. But i know you won't be bothered as i have seen the twitter,facebook and other social media platforms where people have berated you and you just never bothered to respond.

Yours in total disappointment



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