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New contract - new problems

Been with Virgin for about 4 years. Since they tied me into a further 12 months, took away the package i was given as a loyal customer and increased my normal bill I've had nothing but problems. My vivid 200 never gets over about 60mg, live and playback tv freezes and becomes pixelated on a daily basis and the speed of my navigating between menus is shocking.

Anyone else found issues after 'committing' to a longer contract?
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Re: New contract - new problems

new contract made wouldnt make much difference they might add a few things to the contract which they didnt before my advice would be to talk to 150 if you have any concerns or the team on here will sort it out the best way because they have different members for each issues like this i cant really help with this side of topic because i dont want to give wrong answers in relation to your issue thanks earls78 jonni
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Re: New contract - new problems

Sounds like you have signal issues.

Give them a ring ASAP and get someone out to look at it.

TV: XL+SkySports V6
BB: 200Mbps SuperHub: Arris
Loc: ME10
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Re: New contract - new problems

Hi Earls78,

Thank youand I hope you're well.
When you have experienced some interruptions on the TV services in the home it's never the best. After having a look at the connection and running some tests, it's clear to see that there are some issues on the downstream power levels. With this being apparent, you would the box to be looked at and adjusted by and engineer.

If you can have a little look inside your Inbox, you'll see I've sent you a Private Message. You can find this at the top right of the page, purple envelope.

Speak to you soon and welcome into the Community.

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