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New Tivo box (today) Mega slow. 20 secs to 'wake up', dire slow between menu changes?

So got the Tivo box today and its just soooo slow. And no - before you ask there is no recordings on this at all.

Had the HD V box which I had no problems with at all.

This takes 20-25 seconds just to wake up.

Changing between menu options - well we had fun trying to see how many claps before the screen responded.

Netflix took ages to 'login' it would have been quicker to go onto the TV menu and access via the home screen on the smart TV.

Awful, dire.... unbelievably slow.

Programmed the remote to switch volume and tv on/off. When the TV turned on again, it didn't work... what a waste of time.


Is it me?? anyone else think this is ok???? 

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Re: New Tivo box (today) Mega slow. 20 secs to 'wake up', dire slow between menu changes?

No you are not alone. I used to complain about it taking 10 seconds to start watching a recording and I thought that was bad. It now takes even longer. Navigating the menus and watching spinning circles is not much fun. My satellite box uses less than a tenth of the power in standby compared with Tivo and takes half as long to wake up. VM will say to reboot the box regularly but that makes no difference other than wasting 6 minutes.


VM please do not phone me again to discuss my posts. I have not welcomed or invited such an intrusion.

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Re: New Tivo box (today) Mega slow. 20 secs to 'wake up', dire slow between menu changes?

Hi Maria2ch,


Welcome to the community Smiley Happy


I'm sorry that hasn't been working faster for you.  This isn't a great start.  


I have carried out some checks to see if there's any signal issues that may be causing some speed issues, currently all is looking spot on.  


I would like to pop a couple of things here that may help with a couple of aspects of the TiVo® performance.


1.  As part of TiVo®'s power saving options there is a 'sleep' mode and a 'snooze' mode so the box will go into standby after a few hours of being inactive.  This can cause the box to take a little longer to turn on and fully function in this case.  this can be turned off if you prefer.   If you'd like to explore this you can do so by following these steps:




2.  Here's our remote control guide: Remote Control Guide which may help with the standby/Volume control functions.


In relation to the slow performance of navigating the menu system, how is that looking today?  


If you are having any further issues, please let me know and I will be  happy to help Smiley Happy


Keep me posted.




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