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New Tivo Delivery---or not

Utterly disgusted waited in for a full day today as informed by email and a telephone call on  the only day I do not work>>> and one of the few nice days of the year. Waiting on a new Tivo box to be delivered by Yodel. This did not happen. No delivery, no new Tivo, no sign of Yodel. Please tell me what I am supposed to do now and how you intend to fix this. Again to emphasise not a happy customer

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Re: New Tivo Delivery---or not

its Yodel.. unfortunately, Virgin being cheapskates don't use a trustworthy courier service (like dpd or one of many others)

my Superhub was delivered by them a while ago, I  check the (yodel)  web site and it  was out for delivery on the day i had expected, I waited in ALL day until 7pm and it still hadn't turned up. I checked the yodel web site again, (as i had done several times) and it was then shown as having been delivered......

The next day a Yodel delivery turned up with my superhub (it hadn't been mis-delivered, or to the wrong address etc ) they'd just faked the delivery tracking to cover up a late  delivery.

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Re: New Tivo Delivery---or not

Hi Dannyczkj,


Thank you for coming in and posting for the first time, welcome in.


I'm sorry that the delivery hasn't arrived yet, it's never fun when you're eagerly waiting for it. I have been able to look into this and I can see you've been in touch already. 


If you need anything at all in regards to this or anything for that matter, just let me know.




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