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New TiVo user!

Hi can anyone help me out here - I would like to know how to start recording a channel and then decide to watch another channel whilst still recording the original channel?

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Re: New TiVo user!

it's as easy as...

select channel you want to record and hit the red circled R button

once the record light comes on (one of three on the right hand side of box) select the other channel you want to watch either by entering the channel number, navigating to it via the mini guide (press OK) or by using the full EPG (press Guide).

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Re: New TiVo user!

Hi Jimbo3,

A warm welcome to our community Smiley Happy

I hope sjp123's advice has been helpful.  I wanted to pop by and show you our Discover TiVo® guide which I thought may be useful for you.

If you have any further queries, please don't hesitate to ask, we're here to help if you need us.

All the best,

Collette Smiley Happy

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