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New TiVo UI - is it going to be faster?

So, the new TiVo interface has gone live today, featuring Series Link+, a new capability that will enable users to group together TV into one place, smart search, enabling viewers to find shows by entering only the first letter of the programme title, a reduction in the number of lists and text on the guide in favour of more images, the ability to pick up on-demand programmes as well as recorded content from the moment viewers stopped watching, bookmarking of programmes in a folder.... But, will it be faster to use? Slow menus and slow response... This is the biggest bugbear.

Now that the new UI will be able to instruct the box to record entire series and also find all related episodes available on-demand, including streaming services such as Netflix, I'm hoping it isn't going to slow down more. The software is changing but the hardware remains the same.... for now.


Then, later in the year comes the Liberty Global EOS platform-based box the TV V6. A 4K UHD ready box which is to stick with the TiVo based UI (for the time being at least) whereas elsewhere within Europe the box will carry the updated Horizon interface.


Horizon is designed to put a computer at the heart of your digital home. This multimedia gateway will create a wireless network that connects your TV to all of your personal devices - computers, tablets and smartphones. The TV interface uses 3D graphics and images that will bring your content to life and make navigating simple, instant and seamless. Supported by search and recommendation features, it will integrate access to personal media content such as photos, music and movies stored in the home or in the cloud.

I am in an OVER UTILISED VIRGIN MEDIA AREA - poor speeds of 0.3Mbps to 4Mbps every evening.
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