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New Series Link+ merging 2 series links issue

My box has recently received the new platform update, as described here.

Before this update, I had two series links for the show 'Pointless', one for BBC1 and one for BBC2.  After the update, those two series links have been merged into one, with the channel showing 'all'.  This means that it's set to record from all my available channels, which includes repeat showings on Challenge and Challenge+1.  I do not want to record these showings yet two had recorded, despite it being set to record new shows only.

I've tried setting two series links for the same show again, but setting the 2nd one just overwrites the 1st one, it seems to be no longer possible to set multiple series links for the same show.  Not sure how to get it to just record showings from BBC1 and BBC2, there's a new 'Start from series' option but doubt if that will work as there's no series details on the info page for the Challenge channel showings.

Any ideas?

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