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New Installation Questions



I am planning a new installation of Virgin Media hopefully later this month.


I have a question.


My living room (where I have the TV) is at the rear of the house, whereas the road (cable access) is towards the front. We do have a front room but this is currently out of bounds due to mess! There is however a hallway that runs from the front door to the back living room.


How would Virgin Media go about cabling this? When we had Sky they run the cabling round the exterior down the side of the house (it's a semi-detached) and then into the living room at the back.


I just want to keep things as discreet and easy for Virgin and us as possible.



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Re: New Installation Questions

As long as you're happy for them to do so, then Virgin Media would be able to run the cable from the box they'll put on the the outside of your home around the outside wall to the room you want the TV to be in.


You can see what happens during a new install on this page

I work for Virgin Media - but all opinions posted here are my own
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