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Network Availability (C130)

Had VM for about 6 months and it's never worked properly since it was installed.

Broadband. Let's start here. It's slow, when it connects it soon disconnects and I end up realising I've used all 5bg of my phone data allowance. The box constantly "updates" and is mostly flashing green and red. I've done occasional speed tests which look good e.g. 48mb download 3gb upload but when we want to use our laptops or phones it's another story.

Tivo box. Watching TV is OK, press any button and expect it to action that request up to 12 seconds later. Honestly the slowest thing I've ever encountered!!! Going to apps, opening Netflix, using pause or even turning it off takes forever.

Currently get C130 errors anytime I want to watch anything on Netflix. If/when it works it will undoubtedly freeze during a film and after 5-6 times rebooting I'll have to give up and watch the rest a day or two later.

My wife and I wanted Virgin since moving into our new home 2.5 years ago but due to a new build it wasn't possible to get it here so had to go with sky. After having it installed I was looking forward to the features I heard from friends but after living with it for over half a year I want to put a sledgehammer through it.

Can someone help as I'm fed up of being fobbed off by customer services.
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Re: Network Availability (C130)

Hi Slcartman


Thank you for coming in and posting your message, I am sorry to see that you have had more than one issue at once.


You've come to the right place as after checking the services going into the home I can see some problems and and engineer would be best so get this looked at and bring to a resolution. If you can have a little look inside your 'Inbox', you'll see I've sent you a 'Private Message'. You can find this at the top right of the page, purple envelope Smiley Happy


Speak to you soon and welcome into the Community Smiley Happy


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Re: Network Availability (C130)

If you just have internet service then forget it as they clearly want to provide minimal service so you upgrade it.

Have been with Virgin for over a year for home broadband no phone line and a separate contract for a mobile they still do not appreciate the custom as combined the bill is over £50 a month I pay £28 for the broadband 17mb it sucks.


Best deal is reaching higher for a broadband that comes with landline and free broadband and working out a better deal when they mess up.

Here other broadband providers have good customer service offer back date loss of service in credit and extend free broadband offers to keep deals in at £21 average a month.

I hate Virgin stuck with them for the year as they owe me credit.

No joy getting through or applying credit though, service has been so bad.

Inso much I no longer use their trains or lanes anymore and hope they sell off in 4 years and lose profits. Richard Branson offering staff good perks means nothing as they are just so dishonest and have failed to up the speed. Mine is currently at 9% where 81% of the world must be on track for being percieved as big spenders or something. Something I find impossible to compare- I live in one of the countries expensive towns in Hertfordshire St Albans and can see now they are looking to target spenders all by reducing service for upgrade and extra cost to customer. I see this as Business crime and business FRAUD. Scan my letter and take it to trading authority. Here you can get full refund for time wasting and poor customer service. Get back your costs and seek compensation in just 1 form they send out to you.

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All the best Sue x