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Netflix unavailable, On Demand & Catch Up services unavailable, Error (A01)

I posted this as a reply to another thread on Saturday, but I want to raise it again in a new thread.

I'm having a similar problem to a number of other customers posting here, and have been since Saturday 12 March.

I called 150 on Sat 19 March and spoke to the call centre agent who was unable to provide me with any positive step towards resolution. She simply gave me another number to call (0800 service issue no) and said that there was a known issue with the broadband and an engineer was looking into it.

I'd already checked the service status online and yes, there was a known broadband issue (which may prevent users from signing into their personal webspace) but nothing about TV. (This has since been resolved according to the online service status page, and my problem persists. Funny that..)

She was unable to help me further.

I called the number, which hung up on me after telling me there were no faults in my area.

I have:

  • Repeatedly restarted all of my equipment on different days, for up to 5 hours downtime.
  • Performed the service connection step described in the previous post here:

  • Attempted to perform the Up Up Down Down code described in the earlier post on the above thread to no avail, as clicking on the netflix app icon on the apps screen simply causes the tivo to hang and do nothing.

Currently, I am extremely frustrated. I can appreciate a glitch for a couple of days, but a week? Not cool.

At the moment, trying to get into Netflix via the TiVo does one of two things:

  • Tells me it's unavailable (error A01)
  • Brings up the circle loading screen and then dumps me back to the 'push the red button' netflix splash screen.

Although we don't watch other on demand services, going to the on demand entry on the Home menu tells me that "These services are currently unavailable. Please try again in a few minutes." Well, I've waited. Long enough now.

I'm also aware, from reading the community forums that there's a known problem with the Tivo box hardware being too low spec to properly support on demand services like Netflix. 

I can also see a number of other customers complaining about similar issues:


And that's just from the first 3 pages of this forum.

It's deeply concerning that this implies there is a widespread underlying issue with the service that we are paying for, and not receiving. It's not even isolated to a single geographic area, based on the information I can glean from the posts above.

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Re: Netflix unavailable, On Demand & Catch Up services unavailable, Error (A01)

Hi Gradthar,


I have responded to you on your other post here Re: Netflix.




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