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Netflix error plus picture freeze

Been having a Netflix issue for a couple of weeks now, keep getting a message saying 'We're having trouble playing this title at the moment. Please try again later or select a different title'

I've never encountered this message until recently, actually never had any real problems with Netflix so this occurring on a daily basis is starting to worry me. After selecting ok, I'm able to play the programme again and it works. I'm not 100% sure on this, but I don't think the message has popped up again on continued viewing. Only happening with one programme, Suits, but then again that's all I've been watching on netflix so can't compare it to other shows/films.

In regards to the picture freeze/glitch, I recorded a film on Film4 HD and the whole recording had lines at top and bottom of the recording, was pretty poor quality but the sound was fine, it's like when there's bad weather and the picture goes. Would have wrote it off as a Film4 issue or a one off, but on Friday it happened again whilst watching the darts live on Sky Sports HD. I run a test via the virgin media website and it said everything was fine after doing a restart. Not had the same problem since, so hopefully was just a minor issue that won't occur again but thought I'd mention it in case it is connected to the netflix problem in some way.

Any help on the netflix problem would be greatly appreciated.


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Re: Netflix error plus picture freeze

Hi Colin_c,


Cheers for popping back in and letting the Community know about the Netflix and picture freezing, I'm very sorry to learn this is still going on.


I'd like to run some tests on the connection and certainly find as root cause for the issues occurring here. I'd like to access your details but have been unable to, I've sent you a 'Private Message', you can find this by clicking on the little purple envelope near the top right of the page.

Get back to me when you can.


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