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Netflix and PIN

I believe there is a weakness in the TiVo Netflix app's handling of PINs.  I like the ability to set PINs at age/rating level and have set it at 12+.  (I'd love different PIN's for different users so my son could watch 12 but not 15+ but my daughter on U/PG).

The problem is when entering the PIN it highlights the number on the on-screen keypad as you enter it which would let anyone looking at the screen see the first 3 digits of the PIN.  This somewhat reduces the security of the PIN.  It does look good and for some users would help confirm entry but I find it less helpful.

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Re: Netflix and PIN

The UI in the Netflix app is down to Netflix themselves and is consistent across all devices.

So if you do have feedback about the PIN option in the app I'd suggest contacting them directly at
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