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Netflix 25% buffering issue

I have had this issue from day one since I took the subscription up. That was last September, some 7 months in and I cannot still watch a film all the way through on Netflix via the TiVo box.  Does anyone have any idea when this will actually be sorted  

As many others on here I have been passed from pillar to post between Netflix & Virgin, reported this countless times month on month I am told it will be resolved. I am 25 minutes in to a film and it has stopped twice already saying my device may not be connected to the Internet.  I have never been able to watch anything all the way through on Netflix,I cannot understand why someone cannot take ownership for this and get it resolved. Netflix last told me it would be sorted in feb. we are now in to march and it's still not working. Virgin say that it's a free app with them and I may be able to watch Netflix so don't feel it's that much of an issue. I don't not have a smart tv and signed up to Netflix because it is offered through the TiVo box who I pay virgin for the privilege. 

It take over 2 hours to watch a film that's 1h40 by the time it's stopped, started. Then on occasion only will start from the beginning. It constantly buffers to 25% 

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Re: Netflix 25% buffering issue

If it was only TiVo customers reporting the problem then I would blame VirginMedia - but the same reports are in the BT/Youview forums. Also, PS3 and Xbox users have reported it too.

Some have found that completely logging out of the account on the problematic device - resolves the issue.

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