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Netflix 25% Issue - Is there more to it?

I've read a few threads concerning the issue that has Netflix grinding to a halt and appearing to buffer with 25% displayed on the screen since this is happening more and more frequently to me. After happening four times during a one hour TV show last night I relented and watched the remainder on a tablet.


I have noticed that when I get the 25% whirly stuck on screen, I can go in to the 'Network Connection' screen on the Tivo and find that under 'Cable Modem connection details', it displays no IP address and says there is no connection. I then go to test service connection and I get a message saying cable is disconnected. After a minute or so everything appears to right itself and I can go back to Netflix or indeed any of the other catchup services or apps that require a connection.


Does this suggest that the problem is more than a a lack of bandwidth available or poorly implemented app running on the Tivo and the issue is actually upstream?


On a related note, I did see posts from customer service rep son this forum saying that not being able to watch Netflix content reliably via the VM Tivo isn't really a problem because...


A. They don't supply the content

B. The functionality is 'free' and the core TV service is what you pay for

C. You can watch Netflix via another device anyway


All three of those arguments are bogus. VM has marketed their Tivo service as offering Netflix streaming functionality (and even included 6 months Netflix membership to new signups a while back); this means it is part of the service I am paying them and unrelated to my subscription to Netflix. If the Netfix app wasn't advertised and maybe just a beta or experimental functionality, then fair enough, A,B and C would all stand but that is not the case.


Here's a sort of parallel situation that may help VM realise that this type of attitude sucks... If I lease a car and a non core feature of the car stopped working e.g. DAB radio or parking sensors, I can't imagine that the manufacturer, dealer or lease company would just shrug their shoulders and say, "Those are free features, you can still drive your car can't you? Suck it up son", they would make sure I had an appointment at a garage to remedy the situation.


So Virgin Media, what say you to my problem? What is the remedy you propose?


Fellow VM customers - does this issue affect you and how have VM dealt with the issue in your case? Please share your experience (good bad or indeed ugly!).


I'll report back once I have spoken to customer services on the phone and let you know how I get on.


I fear I may get nowhere and end up speaking to the retentions team when I decide quitting VM is the way to go...