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Navigating Netflix

How do you navigate around netfilx using the Virgin/Tivo remote.  Rewind/pause/stop etc are all fine.

But how do you get back to the main menu to watch coming different?

My current method of going back to the TV, and then back into Netflix is a PITA!


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Re: Navigating Netflix

Hi MrMoofo,

A warm welcome to our community Smiley Happy

I will be happy to help with your query with navigating Netflix via the TiVo®.  The circle button with the arrows on are the main navigation buttons.  To go 'Back' to the main menu I have found pressing the < arrow on the circle button will take you to the previous screen once you have finished watching a programme.  

I just wanted to pop this Netflix guide here in case it maybe useful for you: How can I watch Netflix on TiVo®?

Let me know how you get on Smiley Happy




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