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Just before half past seven tonight my TV and broadband went off, checked status online and it says there is a fault on both in my area expected to be repaired by 1600 tomorrow! This is bloody ridiculous I called 150 and spoke to the usual useless person who was programmed just to say sorry so I then spoke to a manager who again after the usual sorry said he would refund a measly £8 to my account. I have four boxes in total, fastest broadband and XXL phone line and pay virginmedia £140 for this and all they can offer is £8 refund. I have no TV to watch as there is no aerial on my house, no broadband and yet they are quite happy to increase my package by another £3 per month for a stupid football channel that will never get watched as I don't watch football and my partner works till ten every night!

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Hi Keehardy,


Thanks for your post and apologies for the issues you are having with both your TV and Broadband. 


As much as we'd love to offer a 100% fault free service, it's just not possible. There will be times where something unexpected will happen however we do make sure we get right on it and resolve as quickly as we can. 


Normally we wouldn't credit the account with anything unless you've had no service for over 24 hours. When we do credit, we only offer for the loss of service so from what you've told me, you've also had over and above the amount you're entitled too.


I understand it's frustrating when you have no service but checking the account today I can see all is back online and working again.


If you have any issues again, let me know.



Forum Team

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