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hi there, i have a problem with netflix on my tivo box, after having a look on this site and online it seems i'm not the only one with this issue issue being netflix stops working, buffers at 25% then says tivo box has no internet connection, fault can happen at any time of the day and makes no difference what is being watched on netflix. also i know it's not a problem with broadband or router as netflix works perfectly on smart tv connected by wifi in another room at the other end of the flat and also works perfectly on all mobile devices connected to same network also would like to add that tivo box is hard wired to router/hub and can be controlled with tv anywhere app on my iphone which would suggest that the tivo box is connected to the network, also after checking network settings and carrying out self test function on tivo box says connection tested ok. i have also reset both tivo box and super hub to find this makes no difference which has lead me to leaving this post, any help with this issue would be greatly appreciated
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Hi jn1971


I'm really sorry to learn about the trouble you've been experiencing when trying to watch Netflix on your TiVo box lately. Our team are aware of an issue and are working to resolve this as soon as possible.


Can I ask a few questions to give them a little more information on the issue you're experiencing?


- Is the heartbeat light flashing?
- Is this happening during peak hours or at anytime of the day?
- Is the issue resolved by performing 2 Service Connections and launching Netflix?
- When did this issue start, date/month (to identify if related to 5B release)?
- Is there a recording taking place when issue occurred?


Sorry again for the continued problems, we're looking forward to hearing from you


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