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Since mid January I've been getting an A01 error message when using netflix via the tivo box. When watching a program it will freeze after a few mins and stall at 25% when trying to reload. 

I've called multiple times. The offsore team in india have no idea about the issue and keep asking me to update the software on the box - makes no difference.

When i get through to the team in the uk, half of them don't know about this issue either.

On a couple of occasions when I've got through to a rare person that knows about the on-going Netflix issue they've be unable to fix it. Last time i spoke to then the told me too press '777 clear' on my remote when the problem happened so that they could track the call.

I've wasted c. £30 on netflix fees since Jan as I can't even get though a single program.  

Is there a fix? Can anyone help?



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Hi silver24,

A warm welcome to our community Smiley Happy

I'm sorry to hear that you're getting this error when using Netflix lately.  I'd like to help check this out for you.

I have had a look at the TiVo® remotely and signal/power level wise all looks great.  Looking at the network also there's no high demand issues present which I'm pleased to report.

I'd like to check further with you if you don't mind, do you get any buffering/cutting out when using any other apps via TiVo®?  If so can you please let me know.  Can you try Netflix on a different device and let me know if it works ok there as well?

Keep me posted on how you get on and I can help further.

Collette Smiley Happy


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