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My5 - Justified - Spike

So, a couple of weeks ago I was looking in the 'Picks of the Week' section and saw Justified. I set up a series link for the show... Recordings and Streaming.

I watched the first two episodes of season 6 but episode 3 isn't available.

Was showing the first 2 episodes a mistake as Spike shows don't usually appear on Virgin TiVo.

I don't have broadband, freeview or freesat and could watch it on my phone but it uses too much data.

Does anyone have an explanation?

This life hesitates to be enjoyed
Not the slightest prospect of change
Vicious circle
That I'd thought to have escaped
A lasting state of worry prolongs

Mirthless - by - Mirror Of Deception
(from the 2004 album - Foregone)
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