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My tv has lost contact with Tivo


Just connected to Virgin Media and all fine with tv connecting to Tivo. Next day Virgin picture small on tv so I tried to make it full screen by means of the Panasonic remote - bad idea, as I can't now get back the Tivo connection on the tv which just seems stuck in its old ways (now of course showing 'no service') whatever I do. Is there a simple way to revert to the original Tivo tuning done by the engineer who fixed it up? And is the Panasonic remote now completely redundant and replaced for everything by the Tivo remote? 

Thanks for any tips.

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Re: My tv has lost contact with Tivo

Hi there Varcs, 


Welcome to forums, I'm really sorry to learn that you seem to be having some trouble with the TiVo®. This certainly doesn't sound good to me.

From your description it certainly sounds like your TV is not getting a signal from the TiVo®, I've done some testing from this end, and can see that the TiVo® is currently in standby mode, this would indeed cause you to get the no signal message. If you press the button towards the top of the remote which has a green circle you should see the lights changing on the front of the TiVo®, when in stand by on the left hand side of the TiVo® you'll see one red and one green light.

Once you press the stand by button on the remote, this should change to two green lights, if you could try this and then let me know how things go with the picture. 

As far as your Panasonic remote goes, if the technician has programmed your TiVo® remote to control the volume and power of your TiVo® then you can keep your Panasonic remote to one side and just use the TiVo® remote, it's totally up to you. 

Let me know how you get on. 


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