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My new Tivo box is useless, laghable reliability.

Dear Virgin Media,

I recently had your new and 'improved' Tivo box installed having used the olf Tivo one for 5 years with no problem. 


The new one is useless.  It fails all the time!  At least a few times a week it crashes and is completely irrecoverable requiring the power cable to be disconnected and then reconnected!


If you want to watch a live sporting event it's particularly infuriating as you can then spend 15 minutes battling it, unplugging it and eventually waiting for it to restart.

To be specific it gets stuck on "Waking up..." most of the time.  But I've also had a purple screen of death a few times.

What really got me was when I got home looking forward to watching something I had recorded the previous night and the box was stuck in its "Waking up..." mode from which it never recovered.  When I eventually got it restarted it had missed the recording presumably because it had crashed some time ago and then sat there like a brick missing my recording.


Either this unit is faulty or the software is just pathetic in terms of crash rate and reliability.

I would like either a clear resolution to this or the old box back.

Failing either of these I will be cancelling my contract!



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Re: My new Tivo box is useless, laghable reliability.

When you say a new Tivo do you mean a V6 box or a replacement legacy Tivo. In any case this sounds like a faulty box. I suggest you call 150 and report asap.
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