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My Tivo seems to be grinding to a halt.......

It now takes several minutes to actually start playing a recording


TIVO desperately needs:

1/ Consecutive recording should be made by the ONE tuner not TWO
2/ List programmes by time/date (not channel) - People will watch their favourite film when its on, they wont wait until it's on BBC1 and thats the way it should be displayed
3/ Wishlists should have option to record in SD
4/ Wishlist should be able to find Movie 'Premiers' (where last aired = TODAY)

These could be programmed by a degree student in half a day
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Forum Team
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Re: My Tivo seems to be grinding to a halt.......

Hi jethrouk,


Thanks for stopping by Smiley Happy


I'm sorry to hear that your TiVo® is running on the slow side.  I'll be happy to check this out for you.


Does this only happen when you're accessing recordings?  Or will it also happen when you're changing channels and/or navigating the menu system?


If you can please let me know and I check further.


Also, I wasn't able to locate your account via your forum credentials.  I will send you a private message requesting further details Smiley Happy


(Look for the envelope icon above)

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