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My Tivo box is glacially slow so can I get a new one?

My Tivo box is like driving a Sinclair C5 on the motorway.  It is slow, it crashes regularly and needs rebooting.  It's much quicker if I access the BBC iPlayer with my £25 chromecast than if I try to access iPlayer via Tivo.  This is crazy, as the Chromecast is using my home wifi network while the tivo box has a dedicated cable connection.  Tivo is rubbish. The interface is about as intuitive as Sanskrit.  Are you bringing out a newer model and if so how can I get one?

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Re: My Tivo box is glacially slow so can I get a new one?

As far as I know there isn't a new TiVo box at the moment. Agreed the are glacially slow and getting slower. I wonder if the he network is struggling and whether the TiVo is entirely at fault?

Since Sky are bringing out Sky Q -at no doubt a very premium cost!- I expect but can't guarantee that a VM will bring out a new box at some point. 

If you want a new TiVo which may or may not improve your situation then you'd best ring in. It could take a while for a mod on here to see your post. 

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Re: My Tivo box is glacially slow so can I get a new one?

Hi Jazza,


Welcome to the forum community Smiley Happy


I'm sorry to hear that your TiVo® service is running on the slow side right now.  I'll be happy to help check this out with you.


I have taken a look at your box remotely and there are 2 different issues that will be contributing to the slow performance of TiVo®.


Firstly, there is a high demand issue on the network the TiVo® box is connected to.  I have escalated this to our network engineering team to get investigated for us.  With this, it will mainly impact you at peak times but can happen anytime of the day.  Our engineering team will make the necessary improvements to alleviate the high demand on the network, this can take some time.  


Secondly, there is also an issue with the signal level which is a separate thing from the high demand.  This is something we can take more immediate action on to get fixed for you.  In order to get this fixed I will arrange for an engineer to call round and sort out.  I will send you a private message with details of the next steps.   (Look for the envelope icon above)


Once the signal issue is taken care of there should be an improvement at least and hopefully the TiVo® will work better.  Whilst the high demand issue is in place you may still experience some speed disruption during peak times until it's resolved.



Collette Smiley Happy

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