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My 1st 24 hours with Tivo...

I'm just reviewing my first 24 hrs of Virgin's TV service Tivo. The setup, and the general apperance of the box looks very good. The display and layout of the home screen, looks like a chance to explore around it's services on offer, but I'm afraid that's where the fun stopped with me. 

I found the service slow and sloppy.

I found the remote control confusing and seems to have a life of it's own, such as when trying to turn the volume up or down, i found it didn't work at all! No problem, it says here, in my " Tivo top tips " guide, that if you are juggling two remotes you can setup your Tivo remote to control your TV set, ah, no you can't, as when I try to navigate to Home/help and settings/Tivo box/programme, I find that there isn't Tivo box or programme in the help and settings menu!! Dropped a bit of a clanger, Virgin???

There's one hell of a delay, fastforwarding, that its unusable

There's an almost pregnant pause waiting for the damm thing to start 

How do I return my Tivfo box and go back to my old virgin box, and can I throw the damm thing in the bin???


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