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Multi room

Recently joined Virgin from Sky got TiVo box in lounge and virgin + in sons room. When with sky was able to watch what was on downstairs in my room but now unable to too. How can I rectify this I have got VIP package so need the cheapest way possible
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Re: Multi room

Im about to leave sky and do the same. How are you finding it any problems regret leaving ??. I was under the impression that your package you could get all the same channels on both boxes anyway. Or have i missunderstood what tour trying to do. Sorry if thats the case
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Re: Multi room

Hi there VLittle, 

I'd firstly like to welcome you to the forums, and thank you for your post. You should indeed have the same channels available on both boxes, however from your description I believe you are wanting to have the channels from one box, broadcast to another TV in the home that is not connected to a set top box (Your additional set top box is in a third room). 

I can see on your other post, you mentioned that you were using "Magic Eye" to broadcast to your room - though I don't believe that this is compatible with our set top boxes. There are some other Third party pieces of equipment that will broadcast video around the home - though I'd have to ask you to do some internet research on these. 

For a small monthly fee, we could always install a third set top box in your room - If this were a TiVo® box, you'd be able to watch recordings from one box on the other box using our Multi Home Streaming option. 

If this is something you'd like to arrange, then why not give our customer service team a call who can give you all the options. 

Many thanks




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