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Moving TiVo to another room

Owing to a family member's illness, we have temporarily moved our main TV into another room of the house, and would like to use the TiVo with it.

I tried moving the TiVo, thinking we would at least be able to watch the programs already recorded. Unfortunately it wouldn't even boot up, presumably because it wasn't plugged into the VM cable.

I don't want to ask Virgin to drill holes through the walls to move the cable for what will be (hopefully) just a month or so, so I wonder if anyone else has any suggestions?

Ideas I'm considering:

1) Buy a RF video sender / receiver to broadcast the output from the TiVo around the house. HDMI ones seem to be very expensive though.

2) fit a temporary extension lead to the VM cable and move the TiVo to the new room. I would probably need an extension cable around 15 metres long. Presumably this will affect the signal strength, even if I use good quality coaxial cable, but is it likely to cause problems?

3) Run a very long HDMI cable from one room to the other - probably too long a run to be feasible, and the remote wouldn't work anyway.

I would be very interested to hear from anyone who has made any of these work, or has any other suggestions.

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Re: Moving TiVo to another room

Option 2 is feasible but you would require Virgin Media to do this for you at a cost of one-off £99. Virgin Media is required because of the nature of the cable they use and the likelihood that the incoming power to the house would need to be re-balanced.

Option 3 is a possibility. You could use the TV Anywhere app to control the TiVo from the room where the TV is and you would need to connect your TiVo to your Superhub via ethernet. Are your TiVo and Superhub side by side?

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Re: Moving TiVo to another room

if your hub and TiVo are near neighbours... another thought on option 3...

hdmi to cat5 converters with cat5 cable between TiVo & TV.

distance is no problem and possibly similar in cost - cat5 cable being relatively cheap, 30m for a fiver

amazon have the converters anywhere from just over a tenner up to 30 quid, their longer HDMI cables look to start around 20 quid and, as you note, might not work so well (though if they're selling, they damn well should).

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