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More TiVo woes (as in, it died)

So last night around 10pm my TiVo rebooted into the Green Screen of Death. It tries to repair itself then reboots in an endless loop. I've lost years of recordings and series links (was 98% full), and even worse I have a very upset toddler who didn't get to watch children's TV before school. I'm not looking forward to explaining that there will be no TV after school either.

To add insult to injury, the earliest appointment for an engineer is Saturday morning! Look, I know these things happen, but I personally find this unacceptable.

I enquired about the V6 in the hope of a discount (you know, good will gesture and all that), but they were having none of it. I honestly don't know why they ask if Virgin Media value us as customers, because I certainly don't think they do from personal experience.

The thought of having my current TiVo replaced like-for-like fills me with absolute dread.

Absolute dread.


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Re: More TiVo woes (as in, it died)

Hi Thommo14,


Many thanks for taking the time to write to us, I'm very sorry to read that there's been some interruptions on the TV services.


I've been able to check the services and it's clear to see that the TiVo is working well now. I would like to know if the green screen is still showing on your end?


Keep in touch.


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