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Loss of service now picture break up


In our area on the 9th July until 12th July we lost my TV, Phone and Broadband we would like to know if we will receive a refund for this but now we're experiencing picture and sound break up black screens and the picture sometimes goes into slow mo frame by frame mode. This happens regularly when we're either watching live Tv or recordings, in delay or with full recordings. It also happens on different stations although we mostly notice it on BBC 1 as we watch that station most. Before the total loss of service we used to notice a clicking noise now and again from the TiVo box and the fault screen saying there is a loss of signal if this continues please contact Virgin although we haven't seen that screen since the total service loss. I did contact Virgin by mobile when the total loss occurred and have just tried to have a live conversation on line but kept getting disconnected for some reason.

Please advise me what to do thanks


Paul Heavyside

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