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Long time broadband, New TV customer rants

Decided to bundle TV and broadband together having been a VM customer for internet and Sky for TV.  Signed up for a new deal last weekend; 150Mbps broadband + Mix TV + Tivo box.

Rant #1.  The tivo box is like something from the dark ages. Slow, nasty, ugly user interface. Doesn't do simple things like 'season link' sensibly. Hard to see simple things like what's recorded, what's due to be recorded. Sky+ HD box blows it out the water in every way. 

Rant #2 What's the deal with catch up ?!  7 days only?  I should have read the VM FAQ more carefully. Again, spoiled by Sky where you can usually go back and get all the episodes for a current season.

Rant #3   Four days after new contract started I see VM are offering Full House TV + 200mbps and the new V6 box for the same package price!

So... first thing tomorrow going to call cancellations. I'm well within my 14 day cooling off period and either they can sell me the better package or I can switch everything to Sky.