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Linking Tivo boxes

I have 2 Tivo boxes - the first with an Ethernet cable to the main VM Hub and I've tried linking the second with an Ethernet cable to a wireless access point (WiFi extender) as it's not possible to get an Ethernet cable from the second box to the Hub. Whilst both boxes "see" each other that way most programs won't play from one to the other - I get the license conditions don't allow it type message (like the one you get on the app outside the home). As a test I've run a temporary ethernet cable to the hub from the second box and all is fine (but I can't leave this in place permanently). The issue therefore seems to be that the Tivo doesn't like going via an Access Point. Can anyone confirm that / is there anyway to get this sort of setup working ?

Also does anyone know if the v6 Tivo (with WiFi) also would have this restriction (as the second box would pickup the AP WiFi - as the VM Hub isn't powerful enough to get a WiFi signal all the way to the second Tivo).


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Re: Linking Tivo boxes

Sounds like you need to invest in a couple of powerline adaptors.

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