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Keep loosing TV channels

We've always had a great TV service from Virgin media until now. For the last 3-4months we've have to keep restarting the TiVo box sometimes 2-3 times a day because it looses TV channels, it's just ridiculous!

Have reported it a number of times and have had 2 engineer visits. Both times engineers said it had something to do with the outside box and some work that was supposedly done to it and it now seems to have an issue with signal strength.

I now have a letter saying prices are going up! Really disappointed. The neighbours are also having the same issue so it's obviously an issue with whatever they did to the outside box. 

Any advice would be helpful

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Re: Keep loosing TV channels

You can always cancel with out penalty since you've just had a letter re price increase. Threaten to leave? That might get them off their backsides. 

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