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Jonathan Strange corrupted

First time this has ever happened to me, and probably just a one-off. My recording of Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell from BBC1 HD last night (Sunday) is totally corrupted and unplayable. The recording length is fine but it's like there was barely any signal. I was recording Humans at the same time and that was fine.


As I've never had this happen before I'm assuming it's a one-off glitch, but I thought I'd throw it out there in case anyone else had the same problem and would like to share their pain. Thanks goodness for iPlayer on my Sony TV.

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Re: Jonathan Strange corrupted

Hi vadek,


Thanks for coming by and letting us know about the corrupted recordings you got.  I'll be happy to help check your box out remotely if you wish, so I can see if there's any indicators of the cause of the fault there.


It's great there was a back up so you didn't miss out Smiley Happy  I wasn't able to locate your account via your forum credentials, if you'd like me to check this out further, please reply to my private message requesting further details.


I look forward to hearing from you.

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