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Is there a new TiVo coming at some point?

What is the Virgin media road map for rolling out a new Tivo box? The current/old one is under powered (cpu, memory and disk) to deliver the HTML5 apps that are currently being used and it just seems to get slower...
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Re: Is there a new TiVo coming at some point?

I really hope there is something new coming soon, even if i have to pay for an upgrade/installation fee, the current box has had such badly written software its 'virgin' on unusable. 

I just want a box that just works reliably and consistently, responds quickly to menus and remote commands, easy to use with consistent menu's & graphics and easy to use catch-up, without constant pausing, delays and  stuttering and frustrations of the current implementation.

I dont really care about apps or games (esp when they work better on my phone than on a tivo). I dont really need any more than 3 tuners, I don't really want or need 4k so long as it supports full-hd. I'm too not bothered about on demand, or so called free stuff that subsequently adds extra charges or is stuffed with adverts.

They can offer all this extra stuff if they want  (preferably as options) but  please, first and foremost, I want them to just get the basics right.

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Re: Is there a new TiVo coming at some point?

I'm hoping we'll get a new TiVo soon too - the current one is really showing its age. Currently fighting the urge to cancel my Virgin TV and get Sky Q, which I will inevitably do if Virgin don't up their game soon.. I suspect others will do the same.

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