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Info Button Displaying Recording Instead


For some reason if I press the "Info" button on a show that I have a series link on, instead of displaying the shows information it displays a prompt to ask if I want to continue or stop recording. Here's an example of the box below.

"Already Recording

This episode is currently recording:
(R) American Dad! 
      "Daesong Heavy Industries" (Ser 11 Ep 15)

Continue recording
Stop recording"

No idea why this is happening, if I press continue recording it just exits back out, and I don't want to stop it, so I don't know how to just check the show information. This is whether I do it in the little guide window or if I open up the full guide window it still does the same thing. I've got to go into "My Shows" and check the description there, but it should work in the guide like all the other shows do.

Thanks in advance for the help.

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Re: Info Button Displaying Recording Instead

What you've seen is currently the way the 'Info' button works on programmes recording when in the Guide or Mini Guide.

If you're in the full guide and you select a programme that's currently recording, you will get the episode information at the top of the screen. However from the mini-guide there is no way of getting it to show the description when on a recording programme.

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Re: Info Button Displaying Recording Instead

It is because of shoddy coding basically.
Info button is a copy of the ok button and not distinctly different when on a programme in the guide.
The only way I have managed to get around this in the guide is if you are recording from a HD channel you can go to the equivalent SD channel and press the info or ok button there and it will display what you expect.
It does this in the guide whether you are recording or a planned recording.

The info back at time of launch didn't even work so I think they did a quick patch job on it.