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I think I'm running out of patience with my TiVo's

After about 12 years or so with Sky, I moved to Virgin about 5 years ago. The decision was largely due to the massive benefits in broadband over the old BT service I had. At that time, there were some benefits with the TiVo over Sky HD and although it was a bit laggy, it was acceptable. Since then (and as we've all become used to proper performance with phones, PC's, tablets), it's just become woefully inadequate. Whilst I don't know much about the source code or hardware specs, it's blindingly obvious that due to a combination of badly written code/horribly poor hardware specification, the TiVo just isn't fit for purpose. The delay after hitting a button to interact with the TiVo is appalling. And, to be honest, it's just not acceptable any more.


So my question is: since the only way I can see this improving is by a very expensive hardware replacement programme or redesigning the whole UI, what plans (if any) are there to try and rectify these well known and universally accepted performance woes? I pay Virgin Media close to £140 per month for broadband and 2 TiVo's and it just doesn't make any sense to keep going with this commitment given the well documented performance issues and and associated frustrations. And now SkyQ is out there, if things are not going to change, I'll need to re-evaluate my TV and media provider. Oh, and on the upside, I think the broadband service is top notch; I've rarely experienced any kind of outage and performance is always first class. Cheers Pete

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Re: I think I'm running out of patience with my TiVo's

There is a new TV box coming soon, rumoured to be later this year, which will support 4K output and hopefully many other improvements as well.

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