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I keep getting pixelation on my TV

We are getting pixelation on the TV. This has been happening ever since the engineer last visited but its been so intermittent that we put up with it but but this has been happening all over the weekend now & the odd thing is it does not affect any HD channels?!

I've also not been happy with the wifi in the house, the signal keeps dropping out & its really slow. The engineer told us we need a 'SuperHub' but I've been having trouble contacting customer services to request one.

Please can you help?

many thanks

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Re: I keep getting pixelation on my TV

Hi I know it's annoying but, to get the problem resolved as soon as possible the phone route is the best, you have to preserve with number crunching etc, but will get through to a human being eventualy, going down the TV faults route.Regards Micky
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Re: I keep getting pixelation on my TV

Hi Jaq65,

Thanks for coming by and welcome to the community. Smiley Happy

I can see that you have an engineer booked which is great to see.  It would be super if you could let us know how you get on after the engineer visit.  We're here to help if you need us.


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