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How do I reconnect my Tivo box

is there a diagram of the connections from a Tivo Box to a Panasonic Viera TV set

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Re: How do I reconnect my Tivo box

You need a diagram to go from TiVOs HDMI out to The TVs HDMI in sockets? One lead between two sockets! That is all that is needed.

You will have to make sure that your TV selects the right input. But I suspect that yours will do it automatically when the TiVO is switched on.

There is something more to this question, isn't there? Your TiVo has been out of action for a few weeks? In which case it will have lost its network connection and you will have to phone in to 150 (TV faults) to get it reactivated - but not until it is connected to the feeder co-ax lead and the TV.


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Re: How do I reconnect my Tivo box

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