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How do I connect my sound box, DVD and Tivo to the TV?

Can anybody please help?


Just got a new Tivo box and trying to set it up.


I have:

Sony Bravia 50W656A TV which has 2 HDMI sockets.

Panasonic DMP-BDT120 DVD player which has 1 HDMI socket.

Maxell MXSP-SB3000 sound box which has 3 HDMI in sockets and 1 HDMI out sockets.


And of course the Tivo box with 1 HDMI socket.


I had it set up so that the sound box came on automatically when the TV was switched on. If I switched the DVD player on then it would override the TV channels. Having swapped some of these HDMI cables around I cannot get everything to work!!


I should say that we didn't have the old box switched on and used to use the free view function on the TV.


Any help much appreciated.

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Re: How do I connect my sound box, DVD and Tivo to the TV?

The TiVo and DVD player should be connected to the sound box, the sound box should then be connected to the TV. You would then switch between the TiVo and the DVD player using the sound box control and always leave the TV input on whatever HDMI socket the sound box is connected to.

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