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Help Needed with Billing Enquiry PLEASE

After a very frustrating half hour on the phone with someone called Shannon in your customers services dept I need someone who can tell me where my mythical customer loyalty discount is. Having go her to break down the cost of each individual service Phone/TV/Broadband with no discount its exactly the same as I am paying with an alleged loyalty discount of over £40. Is it possible someone can ring me - preferably someone who wont give me the wrong figures many time over as has just happened. This is ridiculous. All I want is a straight answer.

**I dont feel I have to defend VM, cos I dont work for them, so my opinions really are my own. **
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Re: Help Needed with Billing Enquiry PLEASE

Sorry to put a dampener on it but the mods on here can't help with billing enquiries. The only way to sort it out is to phone. 

I had a v frustrating call to customer services yesterday myself. The level of training beggars belief. 

Just as an aside how long have you had your loyalty discount? And could it have expired? 

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Re: Help Needed with Billing Enquiry PLEASE

Hi Ragdoll,

I just wanted to pop by and let you know that if you're not having any luck getting through via phone, you can chat to our online chat team via Contact Us.  

I'm sure we can help find out what's happening with your package details for you.  As we're unable to handle this type of query directly via the forums, our online chat team will be able to help.

Let me know how you get on Smiley Happy


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