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Having to switch channels to record program.

Hi.  I thought one of the reasons you would record a program was to be able to watch it later as you are watching a different program at the time.  However sometimes, the Tivo box will tell me to turn over to the station that is about to be recorded - often whilst I am in the middle of a program I do not want to be interrupted away from.  Why does it make me do this, and how can I change it, please?


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Re: Having to switch channels to record program.

When you first get TiVo this is one of the things you have to get your head round!

if the TiVo is about to record three programs then you'll get this message. That includes any overlaps you have on a series link. So if your recording bbc1 and bbc2 from say 8-9 and they have an overlap of 4 minutes on each then when your TiVo wants to start recording on itv at 9pm it will need all three tuners hence the message.

sometimes it will give you the message even though you don't have 3 recordings scheduled or any overlaps. That's because TiVo allocates a tuner to a recording well in advance so if you happen to be watching something on that tuner it will want to use it. It should be clever enough to work it out but isn't. You can have some control over recordings by pressing the info button and scrolling down to the R symbol in a circle. Plus if you tell it to cancel that recording so you can keep watching whatever it is that is live then it will reschedule the recording to whenever the program to be recorded is on next. Of course the program needs to be repeated ON THE SAME CHANNEL if the repeat is on a different channel TiVo won't pick it up. For that you need a wish list

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