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HD channels

Can anyone tell me how much it is to add HD channels to your package.  I don't want different channels just the same but in HD. I can't see on upgrades on my account as it tells me to call in and that's a nightmare I could do without x

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Re: HD channels


You probably need to upgrade to the XL package to get the HD versions (check on to be sure) - but if you are anywhere near the end of contract, it is worth ringing 150 and going through to retentions "are you thinking of leaving us" as they are the team that have most flexibility when it comes to pricing contract changes.

Depending on what channels you want in HD (and whether you want to watch live, happy to use catchup want a PVR), you may find that Freeview HD/Sky/Chromecast/Something else is more cost-effective.

The mods will be unable to discuss any account specifics with you on the forum, due to DPA.

Just another VM user trying to help, so no guarantees that my advice will work .
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