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HD channels pixelated (now SD too), huge pre-RS errors

Hi all, I wonder if anyone on here had any advice/bright ideas about the possible source of an issue I've been plagued by for weeks. I'm in Brentford just for info.

Initially this started as a few HD channels not working (and getting a W02 error message) or being pixelated, as well as an entire loss of service, oddly, everyday at about 8:30/9pm which then restarts after 5 minutes (broadband and TV).

Numerous engineers and the network team have been out and have done the following:

1. Balanced signals, added attenuators to my box

2. Replaced my TiVO box

3. Retuned the amplifier in the cabinet on the street

4. One chap noted that on the TiVO engineer/service menu I had HUGE pre-RS errors. They  were going up by thousands per second to about 150,000 then resetting to 0 - he even connected my box directly into the cabinet on the street, bypassing the box outside on my house and my external cabling, and this was still happening.

I am now at the stage where the router is constantly rebooting and now HD and SD channels are pixellating and breaking up.

I'm finding it all rather frustrating as I think 6 engineers have been out now, and steadily the problem is affecting more channels. 

Has anyone had any experience of this? I have engineer number 7 later this week, hopefully from the network team, but I wonder if anyone had any advice as to what specifically I should be asking about. I really don't want to go back to Sky, but when I'm paying £100 a month for all this, it really should be working!

Thank you in advance, looking forward to hearing any advice anyone has!

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