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HD channels breaking up

Tivo box and internet went down today for an hour or 2. Now all my HD channels are breaking up , not good when trying to watch a football match.Ive tried both tivo boxes.  Seems like this company fix one thing and manage to break another

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Re: HD channels breaking up

Hi AlexTia,


Thanks for posting. I'm very sorry to hear your HD channels are breaking up. It's not nice to hear especially as it only happened since the area outage you mentioned.


I've managed to locate your account to run some tests. I'm able to test one TiVo® and can see the signals are out of range. I've checked the signal in your local area and this comes back fine. As a result, I'd need to send an engineer to the property to investigate things further.


I'll now send you a private message to discuss further. To view this click on the red envelope on the top left.


Hope to hear from you soon.



Forum Team
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