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Getting Pi**ed off now

I left Virginmedia a couple of months back as I moved to Spain yet they keep sending me a bill for £25.09.   My final bill was paid by cheque and cashed by yourselves on 21st October 2015 so why am I getting letters from Debt Collection agencies chasing this money????  When my representative phonedshe was told that the money had not been received but I know it has as you have cashed the cheque.


Will you please update my account and stop asking for money that is not owed

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Re: Getting Pi**ed off now

Much as I understand your frustration the forum team cannot deal with your complaint because of the Data Protection Act. 


If if I were you I would send a stiff letter with a copy of the front AND back of the cashed cheque, which your bank can provide by recorded delivery and ask for any expenses you've incurred to be credited to you. 

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Re: Getting Pi**ed off now

just to add what Parrotperson , you could contact virginmedia via online chat @ (using a pc/laptop), this is a rather popular service if you refresh the page every 20-30 seconds till agent is avail.
its possible the money from the cheque is being held in a temp account, not noting what account to apply it too this sadly cant be done by the forum team.


I would try and get this sorted out asap, since it could effect your credit rating and can be a right hassle for it to be removed

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Re: Getting Pi**ed off now

Hi Morbeous,


Thank you for bringing this issue to our attention. I'm sorry that you have received debt collection letters regarding a bill that you have already paid.


Both Parrotperson and paultechy have provided excellent advice. I am unable to look into this directly for you, due to account security; however, I can provide you with further contact detail, as you have received correspondence from a collection agency.


This way we can look into your closed account and get this investigated for you with the Credit Service Underwriters.


I'll send you a private message with further information. Please check the red envelope at the top left of this screen.



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