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Forward Path Attenuator 6db

Hello. I want to move my TIVO box onto a shelf but the forward path attenuator 6db sticks out so far at the back it won't fit on the shelf. Can I remove it or move it to the other end of the cable? Thanks for your help.

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Re: Forward Path Attenuator 6db

The problem is the attenuator only works in the direction it is fitted now. If you put it at the other end of the cable it will only fit the "wrong" way round, which will cause issues.


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Re: Forward Path Attenuator 6db

Hi rdgl


Welcome to the Community, as nodrogd has mentioned I wouldn't recommend changing the position of the attenuator as it's performance would likely differ.


There is no real solution to this if the box doesn't fit on the shelf you're trying to get it on unfortunately, I hope you've managed to sort things thoughMan Happy


Take care


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