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Flashing green light

I have a flashing green light and an error message of C130.  I have contacted you via 150 and done all as requested but the flashing light still remains and I cannot get Catch Up or On Demand.  Any suggestions?



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Re: Flashing green light

Hi GillyBilly,


Many thanks for posting for the first time, welcome into the Community.


I would like to help here and C130 errors can indicate possible network issues. I have been looking into this and can see that there is an ongoing outage that relates to an over demand of services in your area. I have listed the information of the outage below:-


Outage reference:           F003740010

Estimated review date:  27th July 2016


Also I was able to see that there are some considerable T3 timeouts on the TV side of the services and would need looking into if these do not decrease after a reboot. 


Can you let me know when you've done this and I'll look into this again.



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