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Finally Had Enough - Tivo

Two Tivo boxes behaving like slugs and heading me down the ulcer route with their 

"Software Update"  issues and a side problem with the networking of them both together,only streaming about 6 minutes of a programme before having to go back to my recordings and starting again.

So I took the opportunity to leave the contract early following the second price hike this year,had dropped from VIP approx £130 in March on previous increase, lost sport and movies got down to £77 before this increase.

Any getting shot of Tv - but keeping BB but down to Vivid 100 + phone. 38.00 (not cheap)

Got Sky Q 2tb,Multiroom and Box set package (+Atlantic) for £31 (12months/12month contract)

so I'm still saving - could have been much more with SkyBB - But always happy with VM BB.

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