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Feedback : Tivo Customer Service

Couldn't see a feedback forum, so this is the closest relevant forum for TiVo service feedback.


The service I received when my TiVo stopped working was frankly unbelievable Smiley Happy - I phoned at 9pm on a Friday evening to report a broken TiVo, and by 9am the following morning, I had a brand new TiVo installed and working. This is exceptional customer service. 


On Friday night my TiVo would not start up, it was 9pm by the time I gave up trying to get it to start up, so I didn't expect anyone to answer on 150. I went through all the "Press 1 For..." type stuff. I've been through this with some other service providers and at the end of all that you get a "Sorry our offices are closed" message which is frustrating, but with Virgin even at 9pm you can call for help.


I was put through to the CSA and she immediately knew my account details and was connected to my TiVo to carry out remote tech checks. With some other service providers, even after telling the automated service your account details, the CSA will still go over it all again, which is frustrating - but not with Virgin, your password and account are confirmed by the automated system and passed to the CSA, very smooth.


At this point I was anticipating no TV all weekend, as (1) it was unlikely there were weekend callouts for a single TV outage, and (2) even if there was, the engineers would surely be fully booked already - but no, she gave me a morning appointment, and he was knocking on my door at 0830!


He came prepared with a replacement TiVo, knew what the issue was and accepted my description of the fault before setting about replacing the box - which was a 10 minute job.


This is exceptional service.


Obviously, I struck lucky with timing and this weekend happened to be a very quiet one for call-outs in my area, never the less, there was obviously a very slick system in place that removed any barriers or frustration in having a customer issue resolved in a very efficient manner. 


Well done Virgin Media, very satisfied customer! 

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Re: Feedback : Tivo Customer Service

This how it should be and your comments will warm the heart of VM's staff on this Forum. As a long term user of VM services I have never had any trouble with CS either. I suspect it works for most customers.

On Forum's like this you expect to see moans and groans which is why feedback like this is welcome. It will be picked up and passed on.

They have just started to offer full weekend call outs in some areas too.


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Re: Feedback : Tivo Customer Service

Hi there alistairgd, 


Thank you so much for your post, I'm so glad to hear that there was such a speedy recovery. I'd also like to say that I'm sorry to hear that there was downtime at all. 


As Howard has said, normally on forums like this, you rarely see positive stories like this, so it is a breathe of fresh air to read a post like this.


Thanks again



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