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Faulty hard drive in Tivo box?

HI folks


recently the playback of recorded tv or delayed-play (think thats the right term?) on our tivo box has been sticking and stuttering. Can't fast forward past sections at all. Its happening on all recordings intermittently so I'm guessing the internal hard drive is knackered. Anyone know the correct method to verify if this is the case short of dismantling the box and trying it in a caddy (which I presume voids any warranty). Or is it a case of sitting in telephone limbo to log a support ticket?


Many thanks, Kiweegie.

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Re: Faulty hard drive in Tivo box?

Technically you don't own the Tivo. It remains the property of virgin hence they'll repair/replace at no cost if it's faulty so I wouldn't fiddle with it!


yes best things is to call in. It may be a signal problem but suspect you need a new box. You may wait a few days on here for a mod to notice your post. 

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Re: Faulty hard drive in Tivo box?

Hi kiweegie


I'm really sorry to learn about the problems you've been experiencing with your TiVo service lately.


I've been able to locate your account and run some tests on this from our end for you, we're detecting a few problems with the TiVo box at the moment and I'd like to arrange for someone to come and take a closer look if you're available?


I've sent you information about this in a private message, you can view the message by clicking the red envelope on the top left of this page.


Look forward to hearing from you




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